1950 GMC Ward Shorty Bus

This 1950 GMC Ward short bus was on eBay some years ago. I watched the sale and I could not believe that it went for close to $5,000.  At the time, I thought the sales price was just crazy high. Now, I can see why. The length, the condition, the windows, especially the back ones. This thing has “cool-ass” rat rod written all over it. I mean look at the profile below with those dual wheels.  Look at the huge blind spot.  What’s not to love? Short buses in this shape are getting very hard to find. This one has the lights, glass, engine and interior still intact.  However, like anything it’s age, it needs a thorough restoration.  I look the day when someone emails us and says ” that’s my 50 GMC bus on your site..it’s now all done and here are the pictures..”.  Anyhow, if you’re out there, give us a shout. Notice: All pictures in the gallery below are for educational use only. Sorry, this bus is not for sale.

1950 GMC Ward Short School Bus

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